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The Art Museum Council (ARSG) of the LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART has honored me with inclusion in two gallery shows.

A passion for art has taken me around the world. Whether inspired by the intensely bright and mysterious cemetery colors of Kalimantan or the twilight romance of colored lights surrounding a café facade in Argenteuil, I try to bring these localities to canvas with a varied interpretation of my own reality.

Although my interest moves from gestural abstraction to realism, I have always been fascinated with romantic views of buildings and their signage. I peer into the depths of darkened windows and lose myself reliving the thrill of a secret romance, a mysterious liaison and forgotten memories. NIGHTLIFE magazine has described these paintings as "nostalgically romantic" and "softly stylistic."

My work has been placed in many private collections including those of actors Eric Stoltz, Gabriel Byrne and Ellen Barkin, with my commercial placements in the collections at Saban Entertainment, the Gainsville Hilton, and the San Luis Obispo Inn.

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