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Scriptapalooza Quarter Finalist

The Scrub Shop

  • Half-hour, multi-cam sitcom pilot.

  • It's a bizarre, makeshift family, but everyone is happy especially the kidnapped dog.

The Venus De Milo Arms

  • Half-hour, mulit-cam sitcom pilot.

  • Weed buy goes wrong for retirees who end up in Witness Protection.

Glue Pit

  • Feature film thriller based on my novel, The Glue Pit.

  • Against her deathbed wishes, Ben visits his mother's hometown and stumbles into the frenzy surrounding mummified bodies discovered just as he begins sifting through the pieces of his family puzzle which ultimately links the mass grave, a bludgeoned teacher, and a killer who bloodies a path of retribution toward Ben.

  • Quarter Finalist - Scritapalooza.

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