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a mystery novel

Despite his mother’s deathbed warning that he should never visit Gowanus Falls, Ben Preston travels to his mother’s hometown and stumbles into the media frenzy surrounding a mass grave of mummified bodies discovered only hours before his arrival. In light of the gruesome discovery, the innocent curiosity and questioning about his mother’s life and his father’s identity leads to suspicion from the residents, threats from local officials and ultimately to a confrontation with the corrupt justice court system. His blinding curiosity to discover the reason for these threats stirs up the collectively frightened memory of this sleepy little town, and disturbs previously unknown details about the long forgotten and unsolved murder of a schoolteacher. The disturbance of this specific case ultimately acts as a stressor, causing the schoolteacher’s murderer to re-emerge. As Ben sifts through the final pieces of this disturbing puzzle of facts - linking the mass grave, the bludgeoned teacher, and his own past - a spree killer secretly bloodies his way toward Ben.


Amazon Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

SDP – “Quirky characters in a uniquely fashioned and suspenseful plot. I knew something awful would happen. I just knew it! There is a bit of Dean Koontz and Stephen King lurking within the chapters.”

PMA – “Complex, Engaging and Compelling. This is a riveting story of love's passion, murder, and ghastly secrets of long ago…and many lighthearted moments all intertwined in the exceptionally well written novel. There's an underlying sense that bullying, both in the formative years and adult years, played a pivotal role in this novel. Bullying that triggered horrific consequences. I was uncomfortable, however, with events that were very dark and difficult to read but that were also very relevant to the soul of the story.”

LINDA DENNIS – “I easily immersed myself in the small town atmosphere, laughed with hints of Dean Koontz humor and marveled in the mystery like I do with a Preston and Child's novel.”

COMMON JAKE – “Gripping. This book holds the reader on a static, emotional rollercoaster…heartwarming, to the look over your shoulder fear of darkness…a thought provoking stroll through the good and bad of the human condition.”

LORIE – “Good fun. Delightfully twisted. Creepy and graphic enough to let my mind take it as far as I felt like. Wholly original, I have read nothing like it.”

E or M – “Great read. This book kept me going from the first page until the very last. So many twists that had me thinking about who was really the culprit. I really enjoy kind of creepy stuff and this book had that for me.”

CAROL RADER –“Haunting. Well-structured with a strong, complex plot and a mob of quirky, loveable and very dark characters."

LOLA – “Well written and a good read. The town is full of quaint, quirky characters who bring a lightness to the story. In spite of some rather graphic violence near the end, the book is humorous and draws the reader in like a member of the community.”

NIKOLE K. – “This was a “could not put it down” book. Action, great character development, and intense story lines.”

499LAKE – “Spellbinding against the backdrop of prejudice and shifting economic power. I could feel his descriptions in my bones.”

VICTOR A. BUCK – “A page-turner. What a thrilling and twisted ride.”

CORDELIA SANDS – “700+ pages? Seriously? I thought there was no way someone could pull off a book of this length and make someone want to finish it. I was pleasantly WRONG. Not only did Neumeister carry multiple story lines with ease, he managed it with style! Don’t hesitate to purchase! Superb!”

SUSANNE L. SPRAGUE – “Great read! So many twists and turns in the plot that you are on the edge of your seat all through the book. Would recommend this for everyone who loves a good mystery with a touch of the supernatural and macabre.”

CAROL BADUREK – “The best book I have read in a long time. It has all the elements, fear, anticipation, and enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.”

KD ECLECTIC GIRL – “Compassion and Humor. I found the storyline so interesting and well-developed that the darker aspects of the book took a backseat.”

JAZZY – “This book is thrilling, chilling and humorous…underlying it all is a sense of goodness, righteous indignation and doing what one thinks is fair and right against all odds.”

SUSAN COATES – “The book is very well written and reminded me of a Stephen King mystery.”

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